Markets Fourteen @ Jaya One

Happee Friday my awesomesauces!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend, mainly because its been such a hectic work week, and I’m in a dire need of a good shopping and day out with the girlfriends ❤

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Jaya One to experience the 14th Markets @ Jaya One. If you recall, I’ve been attending Markets religiously since their 10th Installation, lol! #LoyalCustomerAlert! If you’re wondering what to do on a sunny Saturday morning, why not come and join me tomorrow?

Date: 20th December 2014, Saturday
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Here’s a throwback pic from one of their previous Markets.

Markets @ Jaya One (4)

The Markets is held quarterly, and is back for its 14th installation in its regular location, at The School in Jaya One. If you’re in need of some last minute Christmas shopping, I highly suggest you drop by for massive sales, and a shopping paradise where everything and anything is literally a few footsteps away.

Markets 14 - Vendors list

There will be more than 60 specially selected vendors offering fashion, food, homemade paraphernalia, and a whole lot more of other amazing items. 

As always, Markets have been stepping up their game every quarter, and this no, they are introducing Special Sales Hours, where you can find  amazing discounts at selected vendors during those certain times.

Not only that, the first 1,200 visitors will be taking home special goodie bags filled with products and shopping vouchers!


AND, if you get hungry, not to fret, there will be a whole lot of food trucks selling a variety of yummy meals.

PS: A lil’ birdie told me that there will be a Photo Corner, where one lucky person with the most creative picture will win a Xiaomi smartphone, so go crazy 😀

And as a Market veteran, here are some good ol’ wise tips you should/must know: 

1. Dress for warm weather. Even though the bazaar is held indoors this time, a lot of the clothing stores will still be outside in the heat, so think summer!

2. Collect business cards for stores that you are interested in. At Markets, most of the booths will have their business cards handy, and if you spot a store that you may want to look up sometime, you better pick up their card!

3. Carry a tote bag to fill up your purchases. Most booths will have a no-plastic bag policy, so you might want to bring a tote of your own to tote around haha..

4. Bring a bottle of water. Its amazing, I could find stores selling all sorts of drinks, but I couldn’t find one that sold H2O. The horror :O

5. Oh, and bring cash, hahaha. Most of the booths will not be accepting credit/debit cards. 🙂 Cash is king yo!

Useful links as per below for more information: 

 Markets FB:

See all of you there tomorrow! 



Markets @ Jaya One 2014

Haroo!! (I’ve been using this new greeting in real life and people seem to like it 🙂 )

If you read my previous blog-post, I told you peeps I was going to the Markets Bazaar at Jaya One and I’m super happy to announce that it LIVED UP TO MY EXPECTATION. Seriously it was one of their best ones and wish they had it more often. If flea markets, hipster-ish bazaars, funky & vintage fashion markets are your thing, you really should head to Markets. Markets houses the most creative and talented people in Klang Valley whose products range from clothing, beauty products, food, to arts & crafts.

I am actually very broke this month (thanks to my amazing employer who decided budget cuts was the way to go), however, considering Markets only happens a few months once, I decided to go anyway and get myself into a more penniless state (if that’s even possible).

Oh and I’ll upload some of the pictures I have on this blog post, but for more pictures of the bazaar, have a peek at my FB Page Here okay? And drop a like while you’re visiting, I would love love you forever! Teehee ❤

Okay let me rant first. Of all the days the train system in Malaysia can break down, it HAD to happen on the day I was rushing to get to Markets, and at the exact same time I was in the train. I got delayed by almost 45 minutes, thank you very much LRT. It was utter chaos at the train station. I never realized how many people actually take the train on a daily basis, and considering the fact that there were fewer people over the weekend, I was still gobsmacked by the amount of humans around me. Rant over. 😀

I dropped by Markets with Evelyn of who also got stuck on her train while rushing to meet me. Poor girl was so traumatized. =_=”  Eve is literally such a soft and gentle person, I can’t imagine her getting angry or pissy at anything. Which makes me wonder how we can get along haha. We met up with Li Chuen once we got to Jaya One and voila, the shopping starts!

This time around, the bazaar wasn’t held outdoors as the previous ones were, most of the booths were set up within The School, which is the retail mall within Jaya One. Thank god for air conditioning this time round!

Markets at Jaya One (7)

Once you walk into The School, we can haz a colourful photo booth set up!
I imagine pictures would turn up awesomesauce with that rainbow background innit?

Made my first stop at Deeper Than Fashion and picked up some amazing designs from the lovely & talented Harmini Asokumar. Wants to know what I got in that baggie? Scroll right to the end of the post 🙂
And I am fully aware of my fats and muffin tops, so lets move past it shall we? 😛

Deeper Than Fashion

During my first round around the bazaar (yes I did 2 and a half rounds to absolutely make sure I didn’t miss anything, I’m also kiasu that way), I noticed one prominent thing. Half the booths were selling accessories, and after 2 rounds, I couldn’t bring myself to look at one more accessory shop. Most of them were selling similar designs with similar prices anyway. I could barf I saw another accessory store selling Korean inspired accessories. Where is the individuality? Booths like these make me appreciate DTF more since Harmini’s designs are limited edition and always one of a kind.

I made a stop at Claire Organics because it smelt so insanely good. I could smell Lavender + Chamomile +I don’t know what else in their products. Their Lavender Rosemary Hair Treatment Oil had an amazing herbal scent, and I’m gonna get a bottle from them soon because I made a mental to get it during the bazaar, but I forgot. :/ I got distracted by many things haha.. 

Markets at Jaya One (1)

The Bag Queen. Not a big fan of bags, so I skipped this altogether.

Markets at Jaya One (2)

DSYR! This is my ultimate favourite shop ever. Their have the oddest bunch of paraphernalia stocked in their store, and I think I spent at least 30 minutes just at their booth. That red box you see? It’s a Vinyl Player, a CD player, plus a USB player, all in one device! Hipster much? They were even selling speakers made of real wood, wtf how does that even exist?

Markets at Jaya One (9)

Skull glass bottles. Forgot the shops name, but I think le boyf would’ve liked this to store his liquor LOL!

Markets at Jaya One (8)

So cute until I can die. ❤ These Easter Eggs are made of a special clay, you know like the ones you see in clay animation? They’re softer &  fluffier than regular clay and molds very easily. I was super tempted to get a box of clay for myself, but really, what would I do with clay? I have zero creative talents, so scrap the clay play. You can check them out at A&O Creative Station. They even have clay classes I tell you!

Markets at Jaya One (4)

I bought some fake tatoos which do not look fake at all from Habittat Supply Co. They have uber cute tats like those Dumb Ways To Die characters which I really wanted but god damn it why am I so broke all the time. 😦

Markets at Jaya One (10)

Popped by Liyana’s store, got some drinks and pies to take home and gobble on! 🙂
Thanks for the free cheesecake love! They were so good!

Markets at Jaya One (6)

How can one not buy these yummy goodies?

Markets at Jaya One (5)

During my last round at Markets, I found out there was a petting zoo where we could play with wabbits! Yes I call em wabbits because I am immature that way.  These bunnies are so fluffy and cute! Their lack of grooming proved to be an effective method to attract people to pet them. I guess most of the bunnies had enough petting for the day, and most of them scampered off and hid behind the bushes where no one could spot them and molest them LOL!

Markets at Jaya One (3)

Oh and of course you wanna know what I got myself, you nosey bunch! 😛 I decided to limit myself to a certain budget, which I managed to adhere by YAY!

From left: A dress from Emcee Couture at a steal price, a pink polka dot blazer from Fabspy which I got for like a quarter of the original price (I swear I’m never buying anything full price ever again), some turquoise stone accessories from a shop which I have no recollection of the name but had amazingly cheap stuff, the mandala necklace from DTF, that red necklace from DTF too, Plum Pie from Liyana, and some cute tats from Habitatt!

PS: The turquoise necklace was only 5 bucks OMG wth so cheap. At a store like Diva, that piece would cost me, what 50 bucks?

Markets Haul

Personally, I’ve enjoyed every Market event I’ve ever attended, and I really am looking forward to the next one. Some tips I have for any of you first timers?

1. Dress for warm weather. Even though the bazaar was held indoors this time, a lot of the clothing stores were still outside in the heat, and I was glad I went for a simple hot pants and t shirt combo.

2. Collect business cards for stores that you are interested in. At Markets, most of the booths will have their business cards handy, and if you spot a store that you may want to look up sometime, you better pick up their card!

3. Carry a tote bag to fill up your purchases. Most booths will have a no-plastic bag policy, so you might want to bring a tote of your own to tote around haha..

4. Bring a bottle of water. Its amazing, I could find stores selling persimmon/strawberry flavoured water but couldn’t find one that sold H2O.

What do you think? Will you be going for the next Markets?


Markets at Jaya One Easter Extravaganza!

Hello hump day. :/

I cant wait for this week to be over already, since I’m superduperultramegalord excited about this Saturday! What’s going on this weekend that has got ye old me abuzz?  I’ve got an Easter Bunny to catch. 😀

If you’re familiar with the local Malaysian bazaar and festivals scene, you would have come across the Markets at Jaya One at some point. This bazaar has been one of my favourite ones to attend for a while now, and I’ve been dragging le boyf to all of the ones I did go to!

This will be Markets 12th time organizing  their seasonal bazaar and its one you should keep an eye out for.

Markets at Jaya One

Markets happens every 2 months once so (give or take) , so I do make it a point to attend when I can. They have played host to more than 80 vendors ranging from clothing and craft to food and housewares and many more!

One of the reasons why Markets is one of my favourite bazaars to attend is solely due to the fact that its held outdoors, on a bright sunny day with fun and quirky stuff all around me. I’ve been attending these kinds of bazaars since I could remember, and they always make really happy on the inside. I remember going out with my family on an early Sunday morning to visit local antique markets and I loved every moment of it. 

Markets is no antique market BTW, it boasts the most creative, fun and quirkiest of our local talents with a penchant for knick-knacks, one of a kind items and vintage fashion.

Markets usually has certain themes to their bazaars, and I think the last one they had in September was themed Uniquely Malaysian, where they had a Lorong Makan ( food alley) filled to the brim with homegrown vendors, talents and entrepreneurs.

This time round, they’ve got Easter Bunny in da house! Apart from having an Easter Bunny Pinata, there’s a swap for charity going on at the same time. Trade your pre-loved clothes for a good cause, with a minimum of RM5 donation entry fee, you get to exchange your stuff with friends and help out the people at Chow Kit Youths CKY!

Here’s how the Charity Swap works 🙂

Markets at Jaya One1

Aside from charity swapping, Markets usually boasts quite a number of vendors who will be selling their craft-wares, clothes and even food! Considering the fact that most of the vendors usually operate online, here’s your chance to shop for their stuff OFFline!

Some of the vendors I know who will be around?

Claire Organics, Individium, Deeper Than Fashion, and a whole lot more. They usually don’t announce all the vendors who will be around, so I’m in for quite a surprise this weekend! I’m hoping MyBurger Lab makes a show too 🙂 I’ve been itching for one their burgers for a while now.

I don’t know if this might be applicable, but this is the list of vendors who were around during the last Markets in September, and I know at least half of them will show up again! Markets not only gives the vendors a chance to sell their wares, but to actually talk/meet and interact with their customers on a more personal level which is sometimes difficult to achieve when doing business online.


I’ve some pics from the last bazaar, all credited to Markets.

Markets @ Jaya One (1)

Markets @ Jaya One (2)

Markets @ Jaya One (3)

Markets @ Jaya One (4)

Markets @ Jaya One (5)

Markets @ Jaya One (6)

Markets @ Jaya One (7)

Markets @ Jaya One (8)

Markets @ Jaya One (9)

If you are as hyped as I am, do give Markets a visit at their FB Page.


What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars already!

Click attending here if you’re going:

See you there at 11 am on the 12th of April, this Saturday, only  at Jaya One!


PS: This post was a public service announcement from me for you amazing readers. ❤

Fashion Bazaar 2013

This weekend mainly consisted of shopping, eating and meeting fellow bloggers.
Last Saturday, I headed over to Bangsar for a mini fashion bazaar organized by a bunch of gorgeous ladies. The bazaar was located in the Cloudy Day Boutique, right around Jalan Telawi area, nearby Bangsar village mall.


The bloggers who organized the whole affair!

I went with Amelia, but I got there first, LOL. I always have a habit of showing up wayyy too early. Fashionably late entrances never apply in my case.
Anyway, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the owner of Cloudy Day Boutique, Ashley. Apparently the boutique has been around for three years now! They import most of their clothes from Korea, China and Hong Kong.

Luveluxe was also there, hosting a mini showcase as well. I spoke to Jean and Trisha from Luvelux and wow, their HANDMADE clothes are amazing!! Have a look below!


Handmade clutches!




Loveluxe showcase area

And obviously, the next step, SHOP! At the end of the day, my haul?
A dress, two jackets, a pair of leggings (I think F21 leggings), scalloped shorts and a handbag. And all for less that RM150. Yay bargains!


Chawons collection!

Do you see the epure masks in the jar? I am SO getting them, the reviews are amazing!!


Charis setting up!


Coach bags. OMG

After shopping, photo time!


Chawon and Chenelle


who can resist such a big mirror?

All in all, it was a good day ❤ Me and Amelia got up to a couple of other things as well after, but that’s another story!

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