L’occitane Smoothing Gloss

Hello awesomesauces!!
So you know those tangly fly away hairs that we all have ? Lets just say I don’t have that problem anymore since I started using the L’occitane Smoothing Gloss!

Been using this for about a year now, and I have to say, its one of my must haves to tame wavy or unruly hair! My hair generally behaves most of the time, and its mostly straight, with just a bit of wavyness at the ends. I haven’t really coloured my hair or anything, but I did bleach my ends once (never again), and it became super duper dry, so I applied this gloss on it to make it all healthy and shiny again!


Description: The gloss is enriched with 5 essential oils and strawberry AHA and this anti-frizz Repairing Smoothing Gloss effectively smoothes and tames hair while helping to repair and protect it from heat damage from the hair dryer or flat iron. Your hair is light, sleek and manageable with a long lasting finish. (That’s what the description says)

It contains five essential oils: Angelica that softens, Lavender that purifies, Geranium that regenerates, Ylang Ylang that strengthens and Patchouli that stimulates and Strawberry AHA. 

MY DESCRIPTION: Okay, so yes, after application, hair does become sleek and smooth, and it definitely lasts till the end of the day! About heat protection, I would still advise you guys to use a proper heat protectant like Chi Iron Guard since I find that the heat protection for this product is very minimal. The smell of the product is very fresh, it smells a little like mens after shave to me honestly, so if you’re particular about the scent of a product, this might not be for you.

For me, I’m pretty okay with most smells, and the smell of the gloss does disappear after a while anyway, so no biggie. The texture is like a conditioner, thick, but clear, and it goes on very easily on the hair without stickyness. With 5 essential oils, i thought L’occitane’s Smoothing Gloss would feel like a serum, or an oil but its a actually thick viscous gel. Plus, its Sulphate free! That’s always a good thing no?

loccitane gloss 4

loccitane gloss 5

Instructions for use: Apply and spread on damp hair evenly before blow-drying. And to structure your hair or your curls, apply on dry hair on ends as a finish.
Personally, I don’t put this on my dry hair, since I find that it makes my hair feel crunchy, you know what I mean? Usually I use it after I wash my hair, while its still damp, take a penny sized dollop, rub it all over my fingertips to warm it up, and then apply all over my ponytail region. And then you style your hair as how you would do it normally. My hairstyle would last the whole day, curly or straight. And its not crunchy, weirdly enough. *mysteries of the world*
Other general thoughts: This product is priced at RM95 and for 125 ml. It lasts for a long time since you don’t really use much for each application. Cost wise, pretty effective!Out of 5 stars, this product gets a 4 rating. A definite repurchase!

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