Lookbook : Weekend Casuals

Fashion OOTD’s have never been my forte, due to my nature of being a statue in front of cameras, and i always envy bloggers who make it look so effortless. (Yes Sarah, & Shivani, I’m looking at both of you!)

I have also never considered myself particularly fashionable, owing to the fact that I dress for comfort, and that usually involves loads of jeans, skater dresses, and flowy, floatier, boho pieces. It seems that during one of my recent weekend outings with my girlfriend, she thought it might be a good idea to have me do a loobook shot, and I was like, yeah, why not? YOLO and all that jazz right? 😀

Have a look and tell me what you think ❤

All pictures below credited to the talented Shivani who’s direction and advice made this statue a little more confident in front of the camera. Love you long time!

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (5)

Top: Fabspy
Handbag: Kitschen
Ring: From Le Jaan

The top is a favourite of mine, considering I have 3 identical pieces of it. Its a delicate lace piece, with sheer sleeves, and fits perfectly as a short dress, or even a top, as I’ve styled it here. I threw on a simple & delicate gold necklace over the top, to tie the whole look together. I’ve also always classic loved the combo of a white top with blue jeans, and instead of a t-shirt, I figured I might as well go a little ladylike with the top.

The sling bag is the pop of colour one looks for in such a simple outfit, with tribal stripes & colours all over.

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (2)

Trying to smize, but I guess demure is more me.
Also, Pantene advertisement anyone?

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (4)

Jeans : Hush Puppies
Purple Lipstick : Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (1)

Gladiator Heels: Fabspy

Shasha Sekharans Weekend Casuals Lookbook

A candid shot of me fixing my hair that turned out rather well 🙂

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (3)

And this is possibly my ultimate favourite shot, the Bitch I’m Fabulous shot! 

So, more OOTD’s from me ladies and gentlemen? Is that an aye or nay I hear? 

Comment below and tell me what you think of my first lookbook, and your suggestions & thoughts are much appreciated.

Talk to you guys soon!



They See Me Haulin’, They Lovin’

Hello awesomepeople!

Weekends means shopping, and shopping leads to hauling!, so lets dig into my latest haul from Kitschen!

shashay (3)

For the past few days, Kitschen has been having sales at some of their selected outlets, and I’ve been wanting to go so badly, since I love Kitschen to bits; their clothes are awesome, really. Prints, pleather, sequins, lace, anything you would want in an outfit, Kitschen probably has it.  I can talk about how much I love Kitschen all day, but I digress.

Kitschen has been organizing Buy 1  Free 1 sales for a while now, so I just had to go, you know? Lucky me, today the selected outlet was at One Utama, and I made my way there! There were so many people, with handfuls of clothes in their arms, and I could feel the shopaholic in me slowly clawing its way into my head, and saying, BUY BUY BUY!


And I caved. Well not so much. I only brought limited cash so that I don’t exceed my budget. #financialwisdomyall

Oh before that, let me explain the terms and conditions of the sale, just so that y’all are aware before squandering away all your money 😉

  • Buy 1 free 1, which obviously means if you buy one item, the other is free. AND THIS IS STOREWIDE. Shoes, clothes, accessories,&  men and women sections.
  • You will have to pay for the item that costs more, and the item with the lesser value is deemed the free item.
    Eg: You’re buying one item for RM99, and the other is RM59. You will only pay Rm 99 for both items.
  • The sale does not apply for items priced less than RM19.90.
  • Any discounts does not apply for the items that you are buying.
    Eg: If your buying one item worth RM100, but has a 30% off sticker on it( which means the after discount price is RM70), and another item for Rm59, you will have to pay RM100 for both items, not RM70. All discounts are basically deemed null and void.

I think that’s all, so be forewarned yeah 🙂 And some teaser pictures of the sale maybe?

shashay (4)

shashay (5)

My haul?

This backless, lace, ombre, high-lo dress which I’ve had my eye on for quite a while now.

shashay (3)

A skater dress with beautiful, Indian inspired embellishments and beading.

shashay (1)

I only wanted to haul dresses, but these bags caught my eye, and I just had to get them!
A simple flap handbag with tribal patterns and motifs. And the other bag is just plain, simple, boring, beige handbag that I intend to use for work. 

shashay (2)

And all this cost me less than RM120 for all 4 items. Thats like RM 30 each item. Are you inspired to head to Kitschen now? LOL!

I’m not sure where the next sale is going to be at, so keep your eyes peeled at Kitschen’s FB page, since that’s where all the updates are, links below! 

Kitchen’s FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/kitschenfashion

Happy Hauling, and here’s to a great week ahead of us!