[Review] Shizens Lip Tattoo

Hi & hello again my lovelies!

Welcome to the first post of mine in 2015! Glasses raised to a more successful & fruitful year ahead! Lets start the year off with a brand & a certainly interesting product that I’ve yet to review before, the Shizens Lip Tattoo.

A little about the brand before we delve deeper into the review. A local Malaysian brand, Shizens believes that everyone possesses unique natural beauty that should not be concealed but is to be accentuated. Shizens believes that makeup & skin care should enhance ones confidence level by revealing their individual uniqueness. They offer skin care and cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients sourced worldwide that are suitable for various skin type to resolve one skin problems and to accentuate natural beauty.

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The Shizens Lip Tattoo is no different. Being one of their star products, the Lip Tattoo promises to add a spread of moisture and relieve the formation of fine lines.

Not only does it repair your lips, it helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into a natural pink or rose tone.

Being “blessed” with slightly darker lip tones and fine lines on mah lips, this is definitely one product I’ve been meaning to try. The extra drop of moisture seems to be an added bonus for me personally! 🙂

Packaging wise, it just screams luxe, luxe, luxe. The gold box, opens up like a treasure box to reveal a metallic tube top with a transparent casing. Opening up the tube, a doe foot applicator similar to a regular lip product applicator reveals the thick white product. The doe foot applicator provides a perfect touch and ease of spreading of the product. (evenly I might add)

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The product itself is slightly thick and white, very much like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, though not as thick or dissolve-able. There is no noticeable scent to the product as far as I could smell. Once applied, the product blends seamlessly into your lips. Swatches as per below. As you can see, there is a minor pink tinge. BUT, since lip products are applied onto your lips, lets see how it fares on the lips, shall we?

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The swatches below show the before and after picture. I do not have much fine lines to begin with, but I do have some beginning to form. (say hello to almost being 30!) The after picture shows that after application, lips are more moisturized, and the fine lines that I DO have are very much minimized!

There isn’t a sticky feeling upon application, nor is the product very thick. The product applies much like a simple watery material and absorbs & dissolves almost instantly, turning pink within a minute, though the pink and red varies between people. Some other beauty bloggers have reported a darker red than mine, lol! I usually apply my lipstick/gloss after applying the lip tattoo and my lip colour glides on much more smoothly and lips looks perfectly pouty with no lines whatsoever.

I use the product twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. After a few days of using this product, I can notice lips feeling much softer, and fine lines diminishing. 

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Here’s a derpy picture of me rocking the Shizens Lip Tattoo! ❤ I look forward to using this product for a longer period of time to see if it indeed does cure pigmented lips completely. 🙂

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To sum things up, the Shizens Lip Tattoo is a great product to add to your routine if you suffer from fine lines or are in need to cure pigmented lips. The only con to this product is the hefty price tag, RM 168 for a minuscule amount of 8ml.  Since Shizens and most of their products do fall in the more luxe price range, (hey we are paying for packaging, no?) I’m sure you’d think once or twice before purchasing the product. If in doubt, visit the many Shizens outlets and give the product a go in real time. Also, try and ask for samples because what better way to decide than sampling?

The Shizens Lip Tattoo retails for RM168/8ml at all Shizens beauty counters.

For more info on Shizens, useful links as per below: 

Shizens logo

Shizens Beauty Counters are located at major malls in Malaysis including: IOI City Mall, Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square, Isetan KLCC, Midvalley Kiosk, Metrojaya Midvalley, Parkson Festival Mall, Parkson Sungei Wang, Parkson Pavillion, Parkson KLCC, Isetan Gardens, Parkson Nu Sentral and Sogo KL.

Website: http://www.shizens.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShizensMalaysia