GUINNESS Amplify: Curates 2015 @The Bee Publika ft Froya, Jumero, Rozella & +2dB

Hey guys,

Just a quick update on where I’ve been doing over the past week or so. ūüôā I’ve been taking some time off the blog, just to relax, catch up with friends, and mostly just taking long afternoon naps, lol! But last Saturday, I decided to NOT be a hermit for once and venture outside and so I made my way to The Bee, at Publika to catch Froya’s¬†launch of her debut album, ‚ÄėPanic Bird‚Äô. If you haven’t caught her music yet, I highly suggest you guys do. She’s amazing! ‚̧

Apart from Froya’s¬†album launch, the event was all about celebrating &¬†championing Malaysian musicians, and the main aim of the Guinness Amplify Curates show is to see more established local acts getting¬†their music heard. I think that’s an amazing initiative from Guinness, and I wouldn’t have given this event a miss & show my support for the local acts that were to be featured.¬†

PS: Pictures are all officially credited to the Guinness Malaysia. My camera does NOT do well in dark lit places =_=”

Setup 2

The Bee, Publika. It was a dark, stormy & rainy night, perfect for good music, cuddles & a pint of Guinness.

Setup 1

The night kicked off with a splendid¬†performance by Rozella. No stranger to the music scene in her hometown of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Rozella‚Äôs dreamy¬†vocals and haunting melodies proved equally popular with the KL’ites.

Rozella 1

For a dose of some hippie-beach-pop, we had the trio Jumero, who played¬†a number of fan-favourites alongside a wealth of new material from their own upcoming album and some refreshing takes on classic songs. Jumero‚Äôs infectious energy soon had the crowd on their feet with their drinks held high! ūüėÄ

Jumero 1

Rounding off the evening was the electronica duo +2dB, Jo Ann & Jeannie. The pair’s dark, ethereal soundscapes have long been a hit with those in the know in KL’s music scene, and fans old and new were treated to a set brimming with atmospheric, otherworldly harmonies and evocative vocals.

+2dB 1

Looks like all the music lovers came out in full force! I wonder if you guys can spot me in there somewhere?


Capping off the night was Froya herself on the stage to officially launch her debut album, ‚ÄėPanic Bird‚Äô. Taking the crowd on a journey through the inspirations and meanings behind the new record, Froya‚Äôs passion for her craft shone through as she gave one of the most stunning performances of her career.¬†

Featuring tracks written and perfected over the past 6 years, we¬†enjoyed a specially-arranged versions of her crowd favourite songs,¬†including her new single ‚ÄėDawn‚Äô, alongside brand new material performed live for the very first time that night.¬†

Froya says “Raise your glass of Guinness in the air like you don’t care”! ¬†LOL.

Froya 4

I had a really good time that night despite the rain and cold putting a slight dent in my evening. A huge thank you & shout-out to Guinness for such an amazing event and initiative, and know that my utmost support will always be with our local talents ‚̧

For more information on the Amplify Curates Show, or any of the artists mentioned/featured, links below:

PPS: Froya‚Äôs debut album ‚ÄėPanic Bird‚Äô is available both on CD & online, and is only priced at RM25. If you decide to purchase her music, do log on to her official website and pick up a copy of it. Trust me, you guys will love it ‚̧

Signing off & talk to you guys soon!



FEYST : Indie Youth Fest 2013 @Publika

Hello awesomepeople!

Any plans this weekend? If you’re in need of some good vibes, independent music, awesome people and some retail therapy, head over to FEYST: Indie Youth Fest happening this weekend at Publika! I’ll be there too, since its been ages since I went for any sort of music festival ¬†=(

The largest independent youth festival returns!

FEYST  is an innovation & creative platform celebrating digital lifestyle + independent music which connects Malaysian video gamers & musicians to international festivals around the world, and FEYST13 @ Publika is packed with grassroots talents from 8-10 November 2013!

The theme for 2013? ‘Meet the makers’¬†

Some of the disciplines that’s going to be in the spotlight include international video game qualifiers, battle of the bands qualifiers, music forum, music clinics, music concerts, music gigs, film screenings, social enterprise and etc!

The FEYST13 Live Recorded Show takes place at  No Black Tie on the 11th of November 2013 and is not to be missed as it features six musicians for an upcoming live music CD compilation. 

Feyst 13 poster

Feyst 13 poster

Have a look at their programme for the weekend!

FEYST13 Independent Youth Festival programme

:::::::::::::::::::: DAY 1: 8 NOV 2013 :::::::::::::::::::: 

8 November 2013
FEYST13 Opening Ceremony
Venue: The Square @ Publika
Free entry

5.00pm FEYST Opening Ceremony
5.30pm Syamee Shamsul
5.45pm Ashes & Oak Trees
6.00pm Aaron Wong
6.30pm Talithabe 
7.00pm Amrita Soon
7.30pm Close

8 November 2013
FEYST13 Acoustic Showcase
Venue: Paradiso Lounge @ Publika

8.00pm Damia
8.30pm Lightcraft
9.00pm Ardiv Jauhari
9.30pm TEMJIN
10.00pm The Liberated

:::::::::::::::::::: DAY 2: 9 NOV 2013 :::::::::::::::::::: 

9 November 2013
FEYST13 Free Concert!
Venue: The Square @ Publika
Free entry

12.00pm- 2.00pm
2.00pm Maverick 
2.30pm GAND
3.00pm Cynosure
3.30pm Justin Ang
4.00pm Double Click 
4.30pm Halfway Kings
5.00pm Iqbal M.
5.30pm Happy Siblings
6.00pm Pnormal
6.30pm Epy & Ardiv
7.00pm Take Two

9 November 2013
Venue: Paradiso Lounge Publika 

8.30pm The Outbreak
9.00pm Rustic Rose
9.30pm Suspicious Acttt
10.00 Melayu
10.30pm Haoto 
11.00pm A Ruthless Cleansing 
11.30pm The Endleaves
12.00am Take Two

with more bands presented by Paradiso Lounge

:::::::::::::::::::: DAY 3: 10 NOV 2013 :::::::::::::::::::: 

10 November 2013
Thrift Tea Party Bazaar 
Doppelganger World Open Mic
Venue: The Square @ Publika
Free entry

12.00pm-5.00pm Preloved Bazaar + Open Mic all day! 

5.30pm Featuring special guest, Lynnzay Affandy

10 November 2013
Venue: Paradiso Lounge, Publika Mon’t Kiara (located just above The Social)
Free entry limited seats / RSVP: indieyfest [at]

2.00-2.45pm Making great music videos (tbc)
3.00-3.45pm PR101 for musicians with Waterfall Yin, PR Manager and Publicist for Musician/Educator Az Samad 
4.00-4.45pm Photography for bands (tbc)
5.00pm Ends

:::::::::::::::::::: DAY 4: 11 NOV 2013 :::::::::::::::::::: 

FEYST13 Live Recorded Show
Venue: No Black Tie, 17 Jln Mesui, Bukit Bintang 
11 November 2013
Time: 8.00-11.00pm
Venue: No Black Tie, KL

Since I see a Bazaar happening this Sunday in the programme, I’m definitely heading over there! I know for a fact Mosaic Bijoux is gonna be there,so I”m going to snag some items from them!¬†


Each year, FEYST features six rising talents in Malaysia for its annual music compilation. and they’ll reserve a copy of the CD for you as well! This year, they’re featuring:¬†

Az Samad
Ministry Of Blunk – MOB the band
Epy & Ardiv
Halfway Kings

For more information on FEYST13, do check out their FB page, website and the event page. Links below! 


FB page:

Event page:

So do head out there! See you all =D


Magnum Mini Launch!

Hey awesomesauces!

Thick, yummy, gooey Belgian Chocolate ice-cream, covered in almonds. YUM. Sounds REALLY good right?

That’s exactly what I got to experience with my girls¬†at the Magnum Mini Launch held at Publika recently! Thank you Butterfly Project for the kind invite! The launch was to introduce their latest addition to the Magnum family, the new Magnum Mini Classic in 3¬†chocolaty¬†flavours, Magnum Mini Classic, Magnum Mini Almond and Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie.

The new Magnum Mini is all about experiencing indulgent pleasures,  minus the guilt, since they come in a cute mini size, perfect for any time of the day!  Also, its always good to balance the all hard work we do and reward ourselves with simple treats! The celebration was such hit, with many local personalities in the guest list. Among the people we got to meet was Jonathan Putra, Atilia, Nadia Heng and a whole long list more! 

Magnum Mini!

Magnum Mini!

Now you’ll be seeing some really nice pictures for this post, but they are ALL not mine. ūüė¶
Guess what this smarty pants did? I went to the launch right after work, and I forgot to bring my camera in my haste! Granted my current camera¬†isn’t¬†a DSLR or anything, but my phone camera sucks. So all the pictures in this post belong to the awesome Kay Silva, from Do check her blog out okay!

I went for the launch with Kay and the launch was supposed to start at 7 plus, and supposedly there was going to be a performance by Altimet ¬†for the opening act, so I really didn’t wanna be late to see him perform! When we got there, the activities were already in full swing! The manicure corner looked like a roaring success judging from the amount of girls lining up, the dessert corner looked simply sinful, and everyone had a Magnum ice cream in their hand, since they were giving free ice creams for all the attendees! Have a look at these sinful desserts! ¬†I tasted a bit of everything, and the desserts tasted amazing, but I felt super guilty afterwards!



After stuffing myself full of desserts, I had the opportunity to get a quick manicure done!¬†Look at the Magnum pillow, its too cute! *I should’ve brought one back* And that nail polish you see, that was the colour I picked for my manicure! A beautiful reddish brown colour with shimmers to match the festivities!

And the queue for the manicure was very VERY long =D


Kahmon, Swee San, Ayue and me!



Remember I told you there were free ice creams? Swee San seems to be enjoying them! 


They also had a 3D Chocolate Signature Corner where we could decorate our complimentary chocolates with our names, or anything you could think of really. I just wrote my name, zero art skills, remember? 


Since Swee San was the pro at anything food related, ohh reminder, check her blog out too, she’s got such talent in the kitchen! *Link below* I got her to teach me some tips and techniques on how to not mess up my “artwork”. I didn’t do too bad, did I?


All these fun activities were in line with the main message from the Magnum Mini campaign, which is to encourage Malaysians to reward themselves with s personal mini moment and Magnum Mini is all about having a mini moment indulgence whenever you want. Sounds like a perfect plan to me! 

The main highlight of the day was when all the local personalities known as Pleasure Icons unveiled their personal Magnum Mini Moment! We had Joyce Wong, Vivy Yusof, Debbie Goh, Carmen Soo, ELaine Daly, Xandria Ooi, Jonathan Putra, Atilia, and Nadia Heng on the stage with their special Magnum Mini moment!

And the best part of the day was actually yet to come! Magnum brought to us their Magnum Mini House of Pleasure where we could experience reality projections of the celebs Magnum Mini moments! Its basically where we got to take pictures with the celebs who were enjoying their Magnum Mini moment, but they are projections from the TV. See the pics we took! 

This is the Magnum Mini House of pleasure!


Pictures with Atilia, Elaine Daly, Jonathan Putra!


We managed to capture some poses with Nadia Heng, Joyce fom Kinky Blue Fairy and even Xandria Ooi! 


And yes,  we have random camera shots from the event as well!



All the guests got to bring home free ice creams, and Magnum provided us with the cooler cases in the goodie bags. How thoughtful,  but alas, when we got went to get ours, NO MORE ICE CREAM. The horror! Hence this sad and disappointed pose.


And another thing in the goodie bag was a sweet smelling,¬†chocolaty¬†scented candle! My room smells like chocolates now! I’m in love ‚̧


Now I know you guys would definitely wanna experience your own Magnum Mini moment, so head out to Publika because the Magnum Mini House of Pleasure is still open to the public until the 3rd of November! And¬†don’t¬†forget to head to your nearest supermarket for your own Magnum Mini! ¬†The Magnum Mini with Belgian Chocolate is available in 3 flavours and retails for RM12.90 for a multi pack of 6, available all all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets,petrol marts and convenience stores.

  • Magnum Mini Classic : Smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate.
  • Magnum Mini Almond : Smooth creamy vanilla ice cream¬†¬†covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate and crunchy almond pieces.
  • Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie : Smooth creamy brownie flavoured ice cream coated in thick¬†cracking Belgian Chocolate and chunky cashew nut pieces.

My personal favourite is the classic one, just simple and tasty.
And do check out what is humming in the Butterfly Nest:

And do check out Magnum’s FB page for more info and latest updates:
And check out Swee San’s blog here:¬†