Malaysia Clothes Buffet & Bazaar 2014

Fashion lovers , I have GRRREEATT news for you!! ¬†ūüėÄ

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back for its 4th Installment, and this time around, it’s going to be held for 3 days with 50,000 items up for grabs! Read up for the juicy deets!


I was at last years Clothes Buffet and I managed to stuff 8 items only into my bag. I got two skirts, 4 dresses & two tops. The record to break is 16 items! I wonder who that girl is, I need to pick some tips up from her.

How does the Clothes Buffet work?

Buy a ziplock baggie for RM60, and you’re given 15 minutes to stuff everything you can into the bag! If you manage to lock the bag, everything in it is yours.
FYI though girls, there is a penalty of RM20 if your bag is torn, so be careful!

This is how big the bags are, I think they’re¬†9 inches x 14 inches in size.


Some Terms & Conditions:

‚ô• Cash terms only on event day
‚ô• No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‚Äėshopping area‚Äô
‚ô• May go for multiple rounds
‚ô• Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
‚ô• Sessions limited to while stocks last
‚ô• Clothes are all in brand new conditions
‚ô• No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
‚ô• No trying allowed
‚ô• Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‚Äėshopping area‚Äô
‚ô• Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
‚ô• No refunds
‚ô• Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
‚ô• Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

Where & when?

Date : 25-27 April 2014
Time : 10am-6pm
Venue¬†: Syopz Mall in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

How do you purchase the baggies? You have two options, one is to attend on the day and buy one bag, BUT, as my experience tells me, the crowds will massive, so I would suggest you to pre-purchase the bags by clicking here. The link will take you to the app where you can buy the bag in advance.

The crowd you can expect?


And the Clothes Buffet is not the only thing happening on the day. Attend the Blowout Sale that takes place from 4pm on-wards on each day where the remaining clothes go for RM10 per piece!


Some sneak peaks for you? (Click on image to enlarge)





Here is some directions for you lost souls out there! (Click on image to enlarge)


For more info and details, useful links below:

FB Page:

Happy shopping & see you there! ‚̧




They See Me Haulin’, They Lovin’

Hello awesomepeople!

Weekends means shopping, and shopping leads to hauling!, so lets dig into my latest haul from Kitschen!

shashay (3)

For the past few days, Kitschen has been having sales at some of their selected outlets, and I’ve been wanting to go so badly, since I love Kitschen to bits; their clothes are awesome, really. Prints, pleather, sequins, lace, anything you would want in an outfit, Kitschen probably has it. ¬†I can talk about how much I love Kitschen all day, but I digress.

Kitschen has been organizing Buy 1  Free 1 sales for a while now, so I just had to go, you know? Lucky me, today the selected outlet was at One Utama, and I made my way there! There were so many people, with handfuls of clothes in their arms, and I could feel the shopaholic in me slowly clawing its way into my head, and saying, BUY BUY BUY!


And I caved. Well not so much. I only brought limited cash so that I don’t exceed my budget. #financialwisdomyall

Oh before that, let me explain the terms and conditions of the sale, just so that y’all are aware before squandering away all your money ūüėČ

  • Buy 1 free 1, which obviously means if you buy one item, the other is free. AND THIS IS STOREWIDE. Shoes, clothes, accessories,& ¬†men and women sections.
  • You will have to pay for the item that costs more, and the item with the lesser value is deemed the free item.
    Eg: You’re buying one item for RM99, and the other is RM59. You will only pay Rm 99 for both items.
  • The sale does not apply for items priced less than RM19.90.
  • Any discounts does not apply for the items that you are buying.
    Eg: If your buying one item worth RM100, but has a 30% off sticker on it( which means the after discount price is RM70), and another item for Rm59, you will have to pay RM100 for both items, not RM70. All discounts are basically deemed null and void.

I think that’s all, so be forewarned yeah ūüôā And some teaser pictures of the sale maybe?

shashay (4)

shashay (5)

My haul?

This backless, lace, ombre, high-lo dress which I’ve had my eye on for quite a while now.

shashay (3)

A skater dress with beautiful, Indian inspired embellishments and beading.

shashay (1)

I only wanted to haul dresses, but these bags caught my eye, and I just had to get them!
A simple flap handbag with tribal patterns and motifs. And the other bag is just plain, simple, boring, beige handbag that I intend to use for work. 

shashay (2)

And all this cost me less than RM120 for all 4 items. Thats like RM 30 each item. Are you inspired to head to Kitschen now? LOL!

I’m not sure where the next sale is going to be at, so keep your eyes peeled at Kitschen’s FB page, since that’s where all the updates are, links below!¬†

Kitchen’s FB Page:¬†

Happy Hauling, and here’s to a great week ahead of us!


2014 Wishlists

Hello awesomesauces!

Now this is just a random blog post by moi, highlighting some of the products I really wanna try out in 2014, as well as random hopes and dreams scattered in my brain. Maybe this post can serve as a gift guide for the boyf too! He better be reading this!  Anyway here we go!

Too Faced Coconut Oil Body Bronzer: Tried this out in Sephora recently, and I love it! Need to get it, since it makes my skin looks amazing, and gives that J-Lo GLow! And not to mention, it smells scrumptious! 

shashay (1)

Too Faced Natural At Night Neutral Eye Shadow Collection: For someone who loves earthy shades, this palette is perfect for me! It swatches amazingly too! 

shashay (1)

Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme: GAHHHH this smells f****** amazing! I love this scent! If only perfumes were not so pricey! Tested it out just ONCE, and I was hooked! 

shashay (2)

Nyx Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator: This is such a beautiful highlight for my tanned skin, and its not pricey either. I may just get this by end of this year since I’ve been thinking about it ever since I swatched it in Sephora.


Nars Creamy Concealer: Do I really have to say why I need this? Its Nars, and its concealer. I need these two things in my life.


Benefit Rose Lip and Cheek Stain: Was never really a fan of tints before this, but I am absolutely in love with Benetint! 


Paco Rabbane 1 milion: This isn’t for me, but for my other half, whom I know has been wanting this since forever. Been broke for a while now, but that’s about to change, and hopefully I can get him something he absolutely loves.

shashay (3)

Things that I cant buy but looking forward to in 2014?

Moving to a new place, and hopefully together with my awesome other half! Its time to take the next step into the relationship.

A new career path. 

A shiny, swanky, new car? I really am so sick of public transportation already. Thinking of getting a cute little Perodua Viva, what do you guys think?


Spending more time with the family,my girls, and not letting my job dictate my life, or my social life. hmpphh.

Saving more money for the future?

And finally taking that overseas trip I’ve been needing.

What are your hopes, dreams, and things that you’re looking forward to in 2014? Let me know!


Once Upon a Christmas with Santa Hermo

Hello awesomesauces! 

Tis the season to be jolly,  Fa la la la la, la la la la!!

Yes its that time upon us again, beloved Christmas is coming, and with that, comes Christmas trees, eggnog, and most importantly, Christmas pressies! ¬†I love giving gifts, and love receiving em even more. Its the time of the year where I make Christmas lists, and start buying presents for the people I super duper love! Granted they’ve been nice though, LOL.


So have you been nice or naughty? If you’ve been a good girl/boy, Santa Hermo and the Butterfly Project Malaysia is here to grant you some wishes, and amazing gifts! Thank you to TBP and Hermo for organizing such an awesome end of year gift to all of us! =)

shashay (2)

So what do you wish for the most?? Tell me tell me I wanna know too!

These are the things that managed to make my wish list this year! It wasn’t easy though, with so many amazing and awesomesauce stuff on Hermo’s website!¬†

Every girl needs make up brushes, and we cant ever have enough, so this is what I wished so hard for!

The Beauty Maker Professional Brush Set 7pcs

shashay (1)

shashay (3)

I’m always eager to try out new stuff, new brands, and I’ve never used the Beauty Maker Brush Set ever, so I’m hoping to get these babies and make em my new loves for the year 2014!¬†

They retail for RM75, and some in the cute polka dot pouch too! 

Now I’m guessing you beauty lovers may already be hyperventilating already, so calm down, i’m gonna tell you how you can make your own wish list as well!¬†

So from the dates below, you can create your wish list from Hermo, and write the awesomest blog post about it, submit it to the Butterfly Project, and then, we wait for your lovely gift to arrive at your doorstep!

25 November – 14 December : Create your wish list
17 November Р24 December : Wait for your awesome wish to come true!
Some important points to note would include: 
  • Browse through, or in my case, stalk the Hermo website, and pick whatever your heart desires worth up to RM80, I picked one product, but you can choose more than 1 too.
  • Write your blog post, link it to TBP, and to Hermo’s FB page.
  • Last but not least, wait for the gift to arrive!


I cant wait for my wishes to come true already! Here’s to an amazing Christmas to all of you, and I hope all your Christmas wishes come true! Start wishing, and writing to Santa Hermo, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

*PS: have you watched Catching Fire already???? *

The Butterfly Project FB Page:

Hermo’s Website:¬†

Hermo’s FB Page:¬†

Merry Christmas, xoxo

Launching tomorrow! Nars Cosmetics Malaysia!

Hello awesomepeoples!!

If you haven’t noticed, I love make up. Duh. I watch a ton of videos from beauty gurus on Youtube, ¬†constantly stalk Sephora for the latest items, and I always keep abreast of the latest make up happenings, and guess what’s happening soon, like tomorrow?

The First Nars boutique is going to be opened in Malaysia!!!!!!! GAHHH IM SO EXCITED LOOK AT THE CAPS LOCK! 

It will be located at lot 3.06.01, Level 3 right next to Topshop at Pavilion KL, and its opening on November the 15th! Holy mother of make up, I cant wait! The muchly anticipated make up line is finally here! After watching beauty gurus from all over the world rave about Nars, I finally will be able to get my hands on their products.

Some of their popular bestsellers include: 

shashay (1)

From left: Orgasm Blush, Turkish Delight Lip Gloss, Roman Holiday Sheer Lipstick, Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

shashay (2)

From left: Laguna Bronzing Powder,Schiap Lipstick,Chelsea Girls Lip Laquer,Via Veneto

shashay (3)

From left: Copacabana Multiple,Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil,Exhibit A Blush,Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

shashay (4)

From left:  Light Reflecting Pressed Powder,Radiant Creamy Concealer,Rated R Duo Eyeshadow

Seen enough? Head to Nars TOMORROW and check out what Nars has in store for you! 

For more info do log on to and check out whats happening in the amazing world of Nars.

PS: Tarte Cosmetics just hit Sephora Malaysia yesterday. Go on and shop till you ‘re broke. *sshh I wont tell*¬†


JASPAL Fall/Winter & CPS: CHAPS 2013 Collections Showcase

Hey awesomesauces!

Now its no secret I LOVE clothes, and when I had the opportunity to attend the CPS: CHAPS & JASPAL Fall/Winter 2013 Collections Showcase, I simply HAD TO GO! *A HUGE shout-out to Kay for inviting me* I love Jaspal, I have so many pieces from them already, and I have to admit, their prices are definitely not friendly on the pocket, but its so worth it!  Their dresses are gorgeous, work friendly, and go from day to night with ease!  And the quality is amazing.

CPS:CHAPS on the other hand, was a brand I was¬†unfamiliar¬†with, and for a good reason, they’re a newly-launched sister label for Jaspal¬†in Malaysia. CPS:CHAPS is a very funky brand I would say, their pieces are rock-inspired with a whole range of bold and confident apparels. They’re all about cool street wear, probably something you would see Alexa Chung wearing on a day at work. CPS:CHAPS manages to capture the essence of rock ‚Äėn roll appeal with its distinctive aura of rebellion, customized styles and signature looks.

This time around, for their new Fall/Winter fashion line, Jaspal retains its balance of soft, feminine pieces with a professional and chic look where¬†they’ve come up with an amazing blend of denim, nature inspired prints, flirty girly dresses which will not only leave you looking like a million bucks, but also making sure¬†¬†it‚Äôs a collection that‚Äôs made for both comfort and style.
The collection also brings a fresh new look with bold prints and on-trend accessories to update any fashionista’s wardrobe as she enters the festive season.

According to Ms Wang,the¬†General Manager of JPS Fashions Malaysia, “CPS CHAPS and JASPAL are two distinct labels which cater to different tastes as well as different moods, hence we see CPS CHAPS and JASPAL as complementary labels, giving customers a wider range of expressions to choose from,”.

The fashion launch was held at the amazing Aquasonic Club in Sunway Pyramid, and the awesome lovely Kay was hosting the event! Great job all the way hun! *Pictures Below*

Jaspal & CPS:CHAPS Fashion Launch

Jaspal & CPS:CHAPS Fashion Launch

The Emcee for the day!

The Emcee for the day!  Make up and styling by the Amber Chia Academy.



Kay’s dress was one of the pieces from this new collection, and was handpicked for her by Benjamin Tong.

The event started out with light drinks and refreshments, and then. OUT CAME THE JASPAL collection! *Pictures Below*

Jaspal's collection

Jaspal’s collection

Some of the trends spotted during the fashion launch was sophisticated leopard and giraffe prints and inspirations on contemporary pieces, spectacular prints on dynamic silhouettes and fashion that brings out the femininity in women, such as sleeveless shift dresses and the A-line skirts, which seems to be the key items of the season.

¬†The Denim Collection was a real winner in my eyes, I mean, its denim, who doesn’t wear denim?? Jaspal had light, defined, and comfortable shirts and even washed denim shirts with mixed materials, gorgeous skirts¬†to flatter any body shape and type, such as high-waisted, fluted, mini, and hip-hugging. The pieces are so easy to mix and match with whatever that is in my current wardrobe! And of course, the staple for any fashionista, Jeans!¬†All types of fits, varying from super skinny to super loose, from high-waist to super low-waist cuts! Not forgetting , the denim shorts and vests to add to your closet!¬†¬†Its so easy to spice up your everyday look by just wearing the shorts over a shirt, a t-shirt, and the vests over a dress, or just to add a little pizzazz to ¬†your cocktail dress.

Some of the key pieces I noticed in the Jaspal collection was the biker denim look, but without¬†leather jacket. Surprisingly, it looked fab! They had a wide¬†range of crisp and comfortable white shirts in different styles, and the leggings OMG I LOVE EM TO BITS! ¬†A whole closet full of leggings, from the studded, printed, and the devore versions for different personal styles! Some of the other looks I noticed were cutesy chic prints on the dresses! If you’ve been wanting to find key pieces to add to your wardrobe, then I‚Äôve found the right place for you to shop!

Have a look their official Lookbook and Campaign pictures!

Jaspal Look Book 2013

Jaspal Look Book 2013

Jaspal Look Book 2013 (2)

Jaspal Look Book 2013 (2)

Jaspal's 2013 Campaign

Jaspal’s 2013 Campaign

Next up, came the CPS:CHAPS collection! If I had no limit on my credit card, I would have bought every single piece from this collection. The pieces were so bold, vibrant, rugged and edgy! I’d be a freaking rock star¬†goddess! ¬†Their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, aptly named The Look of Rock, pays tribute to the glamorous world of rock ‚Äėn roll by combining leather, lace and bold accessories with a hint of maroon for the ultimate rockstar appeal! I feel that their broad selection of easy-to-mix separates can be polished up for office wear, jazzed up for a night out or dressed down for lazy weekends. How convenient na?
I love the fact that the clothes are so easy to match with what is already in our wardrobe, and the pieces aren’t the usual unwearable designs we see on the runway.

CPS:CHAPS's collection

CPS:CHAPS’s collection’

And their Lookbook is very yummy! Them hot models. *drool*

CPS:CHAPS 2013 Campaign

CPS:CHAPS 2013 Campaign

The fashion show ended with a bang when out came Amber Chia strutting on the runway wearing Jaspal’s new pieces!

Amber Chia in JASPAL Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Amber Chia in JASPAL Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Amber Chia and the models

Amber Chia and the models

Group Photo - CPS CHAPS & JASPAL Fall Winter 2013 Showcase

Group Photo – CPS CHAPS & JASPAL Fall Winter 2013 Showcase

(Front row, left to right)
Ms Annie Wang, General Manager of JPS Fashions Malaysia, Ms Chloe Ho, Accounts and Administration Manager of JPS Fashions Malaysia, fashion stylist and catwalk choreographer, Swing with Amber Chia (back) and other models sporting the CPS: CHAPS and JASPAL latest collections.

After the fashion show, it was obviously self cam time, so here you go. More self obsessesed pictures of myself.

OOTD Top: Momoe Jeggings : Brands Outlet Heels : Charles and Keith

Top: Momoe
Jeggings : Brands Outlet
Heels : Charles and Keith



Me, Amber, and Kay

Me, Amber, and Kay. Don’t know why I look pale even though I had make up on.

After the fashion show, me and the girls headed out for the Oktoberfest celebrations, but that’s another story. Blogpost will be coming very soonly, so stay tuned!

And that concludes this blog post for now. Do comment and let me know if you love the clothes as much as I did. And click on the pictures to view it more clearly! 

For further information and pictures, check out Jaspal’s website here:¬†
And to follow/catch up with my updates on Facebook and Twitter click on the respective links! Much thanks ‚̧



Dandelion Sunnies []

Hey awesomepeeps!

Happy erm.. whatever day this post is gonna be published!

A few weeks ago I received a pair of sunglasses sponsored by¬†Free Giveaways Malaysia¬† from Glasses Online Malaysia to review, and since I haven’t treated myself to a pair of new sunnies recently, I thought, why not try something new out, rather than using my battered Forever 21 pair. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†*thank you Free Giveaways*

I’ve nicknamed my sunnies Dandy, since she make me look mighty fine and dandy, and cause her real name is Dandelion!¬†
*I like naming my stuffs, my camera is called Sonyia cause she’s from SONY*

So I’ve been using Dandy since I got her, and I love her! She is so lightweight, fits right and she looks so darn amazing!¬†

Let me tell you a lil about her..!

She’s¬†black in colour, ¬†full-rimmed with cat eye frames and and is perfect for oval, heart and square-like faces. She’s made of plastic which is makes her easy to carry around! Plus, she comes with a UV filter of 400!



Here’s a pic of me wearing Dandy! As you can see, she has a cat eye frame!


Do forgive the tired bare face. I just got back from work =(

To the review!

Cheap: She retails for RM49!
Doesn’t break or scratch easily, I’ve dropped her so many times already! *butterfingers* She looks like she can stand a bit of rough handling, but she isn’t too clunky, you know what I mean?

The Cons:
I dont think the shape flatters my face much, I think she makes my nose look big! I always have issues finding the right shape of sunnies for my face, thanks to having a weirdly shaped facial structure. *Thanks Mom and Dad!*

Oh yeah, Glasses Online is actually offering RM20 off if your purchase anything more than RM 100, so do go check out the website, you can find some really good steals for below RM 50 as well!

RM20 off

RM20 off

And that concludes the review ! I love my new sunnies, and I aint giving Dandy up! Mum wanted to steal her away from me and I was like NOOOOOO! 

Glasses online website:
Link to buy Dandy:
Free Giveways Facebook page:

Drop me a comment and tell me what are makes a good pair of sunnies for yourself, or if you have a favourite pair that you own!